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Welcome To Vtar

Vocational Training College Malaysia

VTAR, an institution that has over 30 years of history and experience in helping and preparing individuals to productive youths in contributing to social and economic development. Currently, VTAR offers programmes at Certificate, Diploma, PW2, SLDN and Short Course level to meet the growing demand for vocational training in various sectors and the fees are relatively affordable as it is a non-profit organisation. Today VTAR students enrolment has increased 10 times and enrolling in six programmes from Electrical Installation and Maintenance, Electronic Equipment, Aesthetic Services, Bakery, Furniture Technology, Hairdressing and Wireman PW2 course that are designed to provide a wide spectrum of exposure for young people to take off into the ever-changing society later.





About Vtar 关于拉曼技职学院

VTAR accepts any students who is 15 years and above to register to any of the courses offered. VTAR also assist students who are in financial difficulties to apply for study loans from the government.

VTAR Institute will stick to its vision and mission, and the principle of strengthening TVET education, unswervingly advance on the path of quality education, deliver an innovative and excellent training environment, seize all the opportunities and overcome the difficulties so as to build itself into a top vocational and technical college in Malaysia with its own strengths and characteristics.

拉曼技职学院是由马华(马来西亚华人公会)在马来西亚所设立的一间私立职业技术学院,以帮助和准备个人成为有助于社会和经济发展的青年。拉曼技职学院是马来西亚技术发展局(JPK – Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran)的认可培训中心,它提供美容服务,电子设备,电气安装和维修,以及家具技术的培训。拉曼技职学院也是马来西亚能源委员会(ST – Suruhanjaya Tenaga)认证的首家私立学院,可在学院进行单相电电气技(Wireman PW2)培训。 除此之外,拉曼技职学院还提供烘培课程和美发课程。

拉曼技职学院将坚持自己的愿景和使命,和加强对职业与技术培训教育的原则,坚定不移地走上素质教育的道路,创造卓越的培训环境,抓住所有机会,克服困难, 打造拥有自己优势和特点的马来西亚顶级职业技术学院。

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